H&L Solar Control Window films

Beauty and privacy come together in our line of specialty  exterior residential and commercial H&L HEALTH&LIFE solar control window films. Made with highly efficient, vapor-deposited  solar partikels, this film provides maximum heat rejection, privacy, and energy savings For exterior applications, we offer a 99%UV-stabilized polyester exterior film that is built to withstand the elements. Aviable in H&L Exterior Solar soft Bronz, and solar Grey for dual plan windows


Why Window Film for Your Home?

For over 20 years, 100% Tint & Custom Appearance has been one of the most trusted and popular window film installers in Europe. Using top-of-the-line materials, 100% Tint & Custom Appearance has been helping homeowners across Tidewater through the many benefits of window films:

  • Save up to 30% on utility bills by lowering heating and cooling costs
  • Helps you to consume less energy
  • Provides solar heat and glare protection for improved comfort
  • Provides protection by holding shards of glass together if broken
  • Protects your family and belongings from damaging ultraviolet rays
  • Enhances the curb appeal and privacy of your home
  • A deterrent barrier against intruders for added security and peace of mind

H&L HEALTH&LIFE Exterior soft Bronz 35% vlt

Total solar energy rejection: 66% UV rejection 99% IR rejection: 87%
2 year warranty

H&L performance 80% vlt indoor installation

Total solar energy rejection: 44% UV rejection 99% IR rejection: 80%
10 year warranty for indoor

Beltéri hővédő ablakfólia 80%

H&L HEALTH&LIFE Exterior solar Grey 20% vlt

Total solar energy rejection: 67% UV rejection 99% IR rejection: 81%
2 year warranty

For absolute privacy 2mil white matte

matt fehér ablakfólia matt fehér ajtófólia

H&L ablakfóliák